Guido Pietrella was born in Sarteano - Siena - Italy on august 19, 1967. He starts playing bass as a self teaching at 15.

He moves to Rome after graduating at the high-school, to study at Conservatorio di Musica di S. Cecilia. In Rome he enrolled at the Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio. After that he continued his studies at the Siena Jazz classes.

He started live performing very early, and his long carreer allowed him to play at the most important clubs and stage in Italy: Sugar Reef (Isola d'Elba), Pocoloco (Perugia), Fuorilodi (Lodi), Giannino (Isola d'Elba), Giotto (Reggio Emilia), La Flaca (Andalo), Inferno (Isola d'Elba)... To mention just a few.

His music skills go from Soul to Funk, from Jazz to rock etc... He collaborates with many musicians and bands:
Franco Funky, Adrenaline Junkie, Miss Blue, Franco Baggiani, Klaus Lessmann, Rob Lopez, Jorge Krunk...

He has composed two musical soundtracks for theatre dramas, and played "Live Bass" on "Hamlet" by Federigo Ceci, with Agnese Nano and Gabriela Corini.

In 2005 he took part to Bass Nature Camp, a very important meeting about the close relationship between music and nature held by Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey. During this time he had the opportunity to meet musicians like Marcus Miller, Michael Manring, Chuck Rainey, Rhonda Smith and many more.

Nowadays he is backing for Simona Bencini on her tour.


He works as a teacher since 1995.
At present he teaches electric bass at:
  • Istituto Comunale di Musica in Montepulciano (Si)
  • Scuola di Musica Diesis in Cast. del Lago (Pg)

    Guido Pietrella is one of the founder members of Rocking Stones Summercamp a camp dedicated to young musicians to help them develope their musicalty and communication skills through music.